Welcome to my back porch swing

                  SIT a spell. Celebrate the journey.

YOU are wonderfully made

    SO BE YOU.

MY Back porch swing

... is sitting on my FRONT porch.  It is a beautiful vintage swing that possibly, one day, will be hanging on my back porch - the place I go to escape.  To have fellowship.  To dream.  But right now, that's just not where it is.  And that's ok.  I'm not where I'm always going to be either.  Right now I'm enjoying the scenic route - learning how to be happy, being me.  Discovering me.  Enjoying the moments and looking forward to the lessons ahead.  Realizing I have value regardless of where I am in the process.  So as I sit on my back porch, enjoying the breeze and a glass of sweet tea, I invite you to join me.  Sit a spell.  Celebrate the journey.